Cho Ku Rei – Safeguard Your Loved Ones With Reiki

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Reiki protects you

Reiki is a spiritual healing energy which is inherent in all of us. The word Reiki can be described as Rei means universal and Ki means prana, or universal life force or energy.

Reiki symbols are of great help when you want to focus your energies while healing a person. Each symbol has a specific role but is not limited to.

Every healer uses symbols according to his own experience with the symbol. Intuitively you choose which symbols you used to heal a situation.

I have discussed many symbols and it’s used thoroughly on my blog.  The most popular Reiki symbol among Reiki Channels is Cho Ku Rei.

Cho Ku Rei (CKR) is one of the first symbols you learn in Reiki level 2.

Cho Ku Rei also known as a power symbol, and one of the major reasons why it is popular among Reiki healers. Cho Ku Rei can be applied to any situation or any edible thing to increase its nutrient value. When Cho Ku Rei is applied its power increases many folds.

Another major characteristic of CKR is its use as a protection symbol. One of the significant symbols which can help you to protect yourself or your loved ones is CKR.

Are you worried about the safety, security, and protection of your loved ones? don’t – CKR is one symbol which can be effectively used for protection.

Cho Ku Rei for Safety, Security, and Protection

Cho Ku Rei is popularly known as Power Symbol, as the meaning of Cho Ku Rei is generally described as “Place the Power of the Universe here.”

Cho Ku Rei symbolizes the power of the universe, and if you are a Reiki level 2 practitioner you can use the CKR symbol. It’s your intention that plays a major role.

You can activate CKR for different purposes.

Here I am going to discuss how to use CKR for safety, security, and protection.

You are divinely protected if you are attuned to Reiki

As I mentioned above the first symbol you receive in your Reiki attunement is CKR. Attunement is a very sacred but mystic procedure where a master attunes his student through different symbols.

Read more on attunement.

The first symbol which a master attunes to his student is with CKR.  is Cho Ku Rei a protection symbol and the master intends to protect his student from any and all negative forces.

You may not be aware of the procedure of the attunement, but while attuning his student, the master passes on some symbols in the student’s auric field.

Starting from the crown chakra to lower chakras, the master places symbols. The Cho Ku Rei as a protection symbol passes on from the master to the student.

In the first level of Reiki, no symbols are given to the student but are placed in his auric field. So even after the first attunement, a Reiki Attuned, has 3 major symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Zen Sho Nen, in his auric field.

What happens when you self-Reiki yourself

When you receive your first attunement, it is a must to self-reiki yourself for the next 21 days. You can call it a Reiki Detoxification period.

I always insist on never missing these 21 days after your first attunement. attunement increases your vibrations and to adjust these increased vibrational energies, you must self-reiki daily.

That way, you allow your body to cleanse it thoroughly and upgrade your system to newly gained vibrational energies.

Many students may suffer from mild symptoms of cold, cough, diarrhea, and so on. It’s a clear signal that new higher frequencies are working and your body is going through a detoxification. Self-Reiki all the points in this period, and help your body to cleanse from any negative emotions and energies which may be hindering your overall health.

The secret behind self-reiki

When you are first attuned to Reiki, you don’t receive any symbols yet, but your master places three major symbols in your auric field, starting from crown to base chakra.

So all the major symbols start working in your auric field, but you need to give Reiki to these newly gained symbols on a daily basis to boost their energies. Every time you Self-Reiki yourself, you activate and boost the energies of these symbols which are placed in your auric field by your master. so never miss self-reiki.

Cho Ku Rei as a protection symbol

Cho Ku Rei symbol is famous for giving protection. It’s a well-known fact that whenever you want to protect anything, you activate Cho Ku Rei Symbol.

The literal meaning of Cho Ku Rei is “Place the POWER of the Universe Here.” So you can channel this power to protect anything you intend to.

Activate the Cho Ku Rei symbol and intone thrice in your mind or aloud as you may feel comfortable, intending to protect.

How to Protect Your Loved Ones with Cho Ku Rei

I have discussed a few methods on how to activate Cho Ku Rei and How to use Cho Ku Rei for Power, Protection and Prosperity 

In this article, we are particularly discussing how to protect a person using Cho Ku Rei Symbol.

Before activating any symbol for a particular use, always meditate on the symbol for a few minutes. The simple method of meditation.

1. Close Your Eyes and concentrate on your breaths.

2. Once your breaths are quieter, think of Cho Ku Rei Symbol.

3. Try to visualize Cho Ku Rei in your mind’s eye, or if you are not able to visualize it, literally draw it step by step in your mind.

4. Intone Cho Ku Rei, thrice in your mind or aloud.

5. If you have any doubts or fears for your loved ones and their protection and security,  now is the time to ask for guidance and methods, on how to protect your loved ones.

Most of the time, you may not understand it immediately, but make it a habit to concentrate on symbols for a few minutes. Once you are used to this method, slowly but surely you will be able to figure out the hidden guidance that appeared in the third eye through visuals, or you may just download the information you needed to know.

Reiki has its own distinctive ways to guide you.

Cho Ku Rei Cage of ProtectionCKR cage of Protection

1. Activate Cho Ku Rei and place CKR on each side of the person – Before the person, behind, on the left side, the right side of the person, and above the head of the person, place CKR everywhere in the auric field of the person.

This is the easiest way of protecting a person with the Cho Ku Rei Symbol.

2. Triple Layer Protection with CKR

Visualize the person in an oval shape surrounding covering from top to toe. The first layer of White pure energy with CKR, the Second layer of purple or violet rays with CKR, and the outermost layer of Golden rays with CKR sealing the energy.Triple Protection with CKR

White for the pure energy from the Source, Violet from St.Jermain (burns all the negative, if any), and the golden rays which are the highest band of energy.


3. Protect each chakra with CKR.

Set aside 10 minutes to complete this protection method, don’t follow this method when you are in a hurry.

Sit in a comfortable position. When in a composed state of mind, visualize the person in the mind. Activate CKR, now starting from the Crown Chakra to the Root chakra, and place Cho Ku Rei on each chakra with the intention to protect the concerned person, from all negative elements and incidents.

In the end, lock the energies by drawing a big CKR covering the person from head to toe in a Golden color.

4. Give Reiki and apply CKR to each and every known thing of the person.

In a delicate situation, apply Reiki and CKR to each and everything of the concerned person. Give Reiki his clothes, vehicles if he travels by his own vehicle, to his college arena, office arena, to and fro traveling route, his food, and all edible things. Protect your house by drawing CKR on all walls, windows, and ceilings.

5. Distant Protection with HSZSN and CKR

You can use all these methods of CKR for distant protection also. If you want to protect your loved ones with Cho Ku Rei and Reiki energies, just activate HSZSN also while sending distant protecting energies. Thereby, rest assured of the safety and security of your loved ones.

6. Cho Ku Rei jewelry

One of the efficient ways to protect yourself from negativity is to wear Cho Ku Rei jewelry. It’s easily available in any online shop.

Shop CHO KU REI on Amazon

whenever you keep CHO KU REI in your auric field, it’s bound to place its protective energies and ward off any negativity.

Always cleanse your jewelry with Reiki before using it. Though the CKR symbol is engraved on all the products, it’s always better to cleanse and charge all the products with Cho Ku Rei Energies to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Have a look at some Cho Ku Rei products created by me:))


I know there are many other methods of protection with Reiki. I have mentioned some of them, particularly centered around how to safeguard your loved ones in today’s unsafe and negative atmosphere. Pl, let me know the other protective methods of Cho Ku Rei and Reiki.

Love, Light, and Reiki.

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