The Midas Star Reiki Symbol: Your Path to Abundance & Prosperity

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There are many symbols that will attract Abundance & Prosperity into our life, and I have discussed many of them like the Vasudha Symbol, powerful symbols of Money Reiki like the Dollar symbol, Golden Pyramid Symbol, Clearance Symbol, Manifestation Symbol, and Money Reiki Grand Master. Today I am going to discuss The Midas Star Reiki Symbol. It’s quite popular but you will find very little information about the Midas Star Reiki Symbol. So let’s find out some amazing things about the Midas Star Symbol.

 The Midas Star Reiki Symbol is a fascinating and effective symbol that holds the promise of attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. In the realm of Reiki, symbols are like keys to the higher realms that unlock the flow of healing energy, promoting balance and well-being and at the same time connect you to the higher energies as well. 

 The Midas Star Reiki Symbol is popular for its unique ability to bring positive changes and manifest goodness, abundance, and prosperity.

Imagine having a symbol that can act as a magnet, drawing in all the good things you desire—happiness, success, and financial well-being. That’s precisely what the Midas Star Symbol represents— abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey to explore the captivating world of the Midas Star Reiki Symbol. We’ll begin with its origins, understanding where its magic originated and how it gained significance in the world of Reiki. 

 Its radiant energy symbolizes growth, vitality, and prosperity, opening doors to new opportunities and blessings. It’s like tapping into a divine source that empowers you to live a life filled with abundance and positivity.

Moreover, I’ll also explain how to apply the Midas Star in your Reiki practice. You’ll discover how to integrate it into your daily life, drawing its healing energies closer to your heart. 

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the Midas Star’s power in your healing journey. If you practice it regularly you’ll witness the wondrous shifts it brings to your life—aligning you with abundance, prosperity, and a deeper connection to the universe.

Understanding Reiki Symbols

In the world of Reiki, symbols hold great significance. They act as powerful keys, unlocking gateways to higher energies and magnifying the flow of healing energy during a session. Just like special keys, Reiki symbols play a crucial role in channeling the abundant energy that surrounds us. 

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When a Reiki practitioner invokes these symbols, they become conduits for divine healing energy, allowing it to flow freely and intensely. This amplification of energy enhances the healing experience and brings a sense of deep relaxation and balance to the recipient.

Moreover, Reiki symbols possess the remarkable ability to connect us with our inner selves. They awaken our hidden potential, aiding us in spiritual growth and promoting self-awareness. As we practice these symbols, we open ourselves up to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Throughout history, Reiki symbols have been honored for their transformative properties. They hold timeless wisdom, passed down through generations of Reiki practitioners, and carry the essence of healing and harmony.

As we delve into the world of Reiki symbols, we find each one possesses its unique energy and purpose. Just like the Midas Star Symbol, every symbol has its own magical charm, attracting practitioners with its profound healing capabilities. For example, Cho Ku Rei is popular as a power symbol whereas Sei He Ki is known for emotional healing. 

Origin of the Midas Star Symbol

I am sure, you know that story of King Midas and his magical touch, right? It’s like a classic childhood favorite! In the legend, everything he laid hands on turned into shiny gold, even his own daughter. 

Every one of us might want to have such a magical ability,  especially during tough financial times, it’s hard not to daydream about having such a miraculous ability! Just a touch and all our money troubles would vanish!

It is said that the Midas Star Symbol has its origin in Seichem Reiki and Karuna Ki. This mystical symbol is like a charm that brings success to our relationships, attracts good luck, and brings harmony to everyone in its path. It’s not just about changing your bank balance. This powerful symbol can turn things around in all areas of life!

 It’s like a magic boost for positive transformations, helping us get rid of obstacles and reach our goals. So, if you’re ready for some positive vibes and success, the Midas Star is the way to go!

Importance of the Midas Star Symbol

midas star reiki symbol

 when we activate the Midas Star, we’re actually tapping into some amazing energy that invites abundance and prosperity into our lives. It’s like we’re opening ourselves up to all sorts of opportunities and experiences that totally match our deepest desires. Pretty cool, right? 

 Midas Star Symbol works on a subtle yet deep level, helping us overcome obstacles that hold us back and allowing us to grow and progress. It’s like a powerful force that boosts our confidence and makes us believe in ourselves. When we allow the Midas Star, it opens up a world of possibilities, leading us to a life filled with harmony and success. It’s like having a secret weapon to achieve our dreams!

You know, what makes this symbol so fascinating is how universally appealing it is. It’s like having a key or tool that boosts our ability to make good things happen in our lives. Whether we’re looking for love, joy, or personal growth, the Midas Star supports us every step of the way.

Though a caution here:  being attuned to the Midas Star symbol doesn’t mean we suddenly get to go on wild spending sprees or magically have overflowing bank accounts.

 It’s actually more about a meaningful message,  using wealth responsibly and its power to do good in the world. 

The Midas Star symbol is all about having a steady flow of money, which can give us the ability to make a positive impact on our society and the world we live in. It’s like finding a balance between prosperity and being a force for positive change.

But When you draw a red line under that symbol, it enhances its power, infusing it with even more powerful energies. This strengthened connection to the symbol roots us firmly to the Earth, grounding us like tree roots in the Earth.

How to Apply Midas Star Symbol?

Here are some ways you can use of Midas Star Symbol.

1. Draw the Midas Star on your cash or checks (with your fingers, not by pen or pencil) Give it a try! It’s believed to attract abundance, Who wouldn’t want that golden touch, right?

2. Another trick is to create a Reiki box and place the symbol(draw on a piece of paper) inside it. This is said to keep the flow of money and prosperity coming your way continuously. Keep that abundance flowing!

3. You can simply visualize the Midas Star in your mind, with a goal in mind, it can be a financial, health, wealth, or relationship goal. Visualize the desired results. This helps activate its energies.

I have discussed many more ways to use the Midas Star Symbol in my Midas Star Attunement Training. Create an account today to get free access to some awesome training like Vasudha Symbol Attunement and guided meditations. (It’s Free to create an account!)

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The Midas Star symbol has been a powerful catalyst in allowing abundance and prosperity. It’s like having a guiding light on our journey to success.

You are deserving of all the good things that the universe has to offer. I wish you a life filled with prosperity, fulfillment, and joy.

Keep shining, and know that the Midas Star is always there, ready to support you on your journey to abundance.

Here’s to a life of abundance and success!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Midas Star Symbol, and what does it represent?

It is said that the Midas Star Symbol has it's origin in Seichem Reiki or Karuna Ki. It is often associated with abundance and prosperity, but its meaning extends beyond financial wealth. The symbol represents attracting positive outcomes, opportunities, and experiences in various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and personal growth

Can the Midas Star symbol be combined with other Reiki symbols for enhanced effects?

Yes, absolutely! The Midas Star symbol can be combined with various other Reiki symbols to amplify its effects and address specific intentions. For example, you can use it in conjunction with the Cho Ku Rei symbol for added power and protection, or with the Sei Hei Ki symbol for emotional healing. You can even use the symbol with Energy circles and Radionic energy circles.

Is it possible to use the Midas Star symbol for attracting abundance and prosperity in relationships?

Yes, the Midas Star symbol can indeed be used for better relationships. Whether it's with family, friends, or a romantic partner, incorporating the Midas Star symbol into your energy work can ensure positive and fulfilling results.

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4 thoughts on “The Midas Star Reiki Symbol: Your Path to Abundance & Prosperity”

  1. I have to admit this is all new information for me to come in contact with Jjivita in your article discussing the Midas Star Reiki Symbol and claims that it can have a major impact on one’s life in regards to abundance and prosperity.

    You speak of finding the Midas Star Reiki Symbol’s origin and the source of its magic. This makes it a little difficult for me to address as I am not certain how a simple symbol can effectuate the type of results that are espoused here.

    Is this a form of religion or perhaps more aptly termed superstition as the activities that are delineated in the article like visualizing the symbol or writing them on your cash and checks don’t on the face of things seem like they could do much to me?

    • Yes Joseph, your doubts are right if this information is new to you. It seems like you are not aware of these techniques or how Reiki Works.

      You can read more about Symbols in this article: Symbols & Reiki, basically Symbols are complex and their meanings can evolve as the individual or culture evolves. 

       Understanding how the Midas Star Reiki Symbol works might indeed be challenging, just like we can’t physically see how a cell phone works, yet it undeniably functions.

      Let’s consider a cell phone as an analogy to shed some light on this concept. When we use a cell phone, we don’t fully comprehend the complex technology behind its functioning, such as signal transmissions, data processing, and wireless communication. However, we trust in its ability to connect us with others, send messages, and access information.

      Similarly, the Midas Star Reiki Symbol or any other symbol operates on a different level—the energetic realm. In Reiki, practitioners believe that everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts and intentions. The Midas Star Symbol serves as a focal point to direct positive energy towards abundance and prosperity.

      Just as a cell phone requires specific actions from us, such as dialing a number or sending a message, working with the Midas Star Symbol involves active participation. By visualizing the symbol, writing it on checks, or using it in meditations, we are setting clear intentions to attract positive outcomes.

      it’s essential to acknowledge the power of intention and energy. Visualization and working with symbols have been used in various cultures and practices to manifest desired outcomes and focus the mind. The Midas Star Symbol, like other symbols in Reiki, is a means of directing energy towards positive intentions, such as attracting abundance and prosperity.

      I hope I am able to clarify some of your doubts, feel free to contact me if you have any other queries or doubts.


  2. I have read the information about the Midas Star Reiki symbol. This symbol is a unique tool used in the practice of Reiki, and its use may be of interest and benefit to practitioners.

    The article describes the Midas Star symbol as a powerful source of positive energy that can enhance and accelerate energy work. In particular, it is claimed to be able to assist in attracting abundance, prosperity, and well-being. The author of the article also warns against the misuse of the symbol and emphasizes the importance of using it only with high intentions and positive goals.

    Thank you for a great article!

    • Hey there! I’m so glad you checked out the article on the Midas Star Reiki symbol. I hope you dive into the world of the Midas Star symbol and experience all the abundance and prosperity it can bring to your Reiki practice.

      And if you have any questions or want to share your experiences, feel free to contact me.

      Thanks for your awesome comment and Happy Reiki-ing!


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