Learn Money Reiki & Be a Money Magnet


What You Will Learn in Money Reiki
Cleansing and Clearing Your negative karmas, negative thoughts and negative vibrations around money.

Clear Energetic Issues
Bad Financial Karma
Negative Energies You Generate Around Money
Negative Energies Directed at You From Others
Negative Entities and Thought Forms
Curses, Hexes, and Spells
Energy Vampires (Negative People)

Personal Issues
Financial Baggage
Bad Habits
Self Sabotage and Resistance


You will receive

  1. Money Reiki Practitioner Manual

  2. Money Reiki Practitioner Symbols/ PDF

  3. Money Reiki Master Manual

  4. Money Reiki Master Symbols/PDF

  5. Money Reiki GrandMaster Manual

  6. Money Reiki GrandMaster Symbols/PDF

  7. Attunements for all three levels

  8. Full support via e-mail, Skype/Whatsapp.

Take a step forward to Prosperity Healing, Learn Money Reiki Now!

Learn Money Reiki



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