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Money Blockages and Affirmations

In the last article, How to Get Rid of Money Blocks, we have seen some money blockages that can hinder to the natural flow of abundance & prosperity. When we say abundance and prosperity, it implies fullness and oneness with the universe.  But we find that we can not fully experience this Abundance & Prosperity for various reasons.  We can clear all negative beliefs around money with the help of affirmations.

If we focus on Nature, the Mother Earth, and the entire Universe, we realize how supremely abundant they are, lack and scarcity are the words only in the human dictionary.
How abundant is nature providing us all the eatables, fruits, vegetables? All the five elements from which the entire universe is made up are abundantly available to each one of us – rich or poor. The human body also is made up of these elements air, water, fire, space, and earth.

Air is abundantly available to all without any discrimination of rich, poor, male, female, caste, creed and so on.  Same are with water, fire, space and earth element. It is abundantly made available to mankind but it is the greed which is playing havoc on the earth. A few people try to control these elements and making it scary to other people.

When we are in the mother’s womb, everything required for development had been provided through our mother, did we need to worry about our food or air? The human body, the Universe is so systematic, that I am always in awe when I think of this universal intelligence, which is present in all of us.
How helpless we were in the womb, still we were taken care of that is needed, then why we should be worried, everything which is needed will be provided by the universal intelligence.

What I strongly recommend is to get connected with this Universal Intelligence. Once you get connected to this Universal Intelligence, you will receive all the guidance through your intuition. This Universal Intelligence is resides in all of us.

How to get connected with this Universal Intelligence?

Daily meditation practice will help a lot to get connected with universal intelligence within us. You may start with 5 or 10 minutes with the intention to get connected with this Universal Intelligence, It may take a few days if you are not used to meditation.

you can ask any question to your higher intelligence and you will receive the answer in some or the other form, it is important to be alert about the messages you receive and take action.

Regarding money blockages also you can take guidance through your higher intelligence or subconscious mind, your mind knows all the answers.

If you are not experiencing abundance in any or some part of life, it is clear that there are some blockages – mental or emotional that needed to be released and also one of the major reason why the natural flow of abundance and prosperity is not reaching up to you.

Like I said earlier too if a breeze of air or sunlight is not reaching in your home, it might possible that you have not opened the window or door, we need to open the window, to let the sunshine enter in our home.
In the same way, it is also important to find out why the abundance & prosperity is not flowing in our lives, which window is closed or which obstacle we need to remove? If you do not know how to find out what obstacles are hindering the flow of abundance & Prosperity, affirmations are one of the best ways to find out.

You must have heard many people saying that affirmations do not work for them. Yes, affirmations can trigger some emotions within you and give you guidance on which blockage you need to work. But instead of accepting those emotions,  and working on that, we ignore and do not work on our fears, blockages, and affirmations.

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For an e.g, if we take an affirmation:


Now say this affirmation in your mind, see which feelings or emotions arise in your mind and what thoughts come across.

I think first of all we will all deny this fact that I am the source, we are conditioned to think that money is some external thing, that we need to earn.  True, we need to do some business, or job to manifest it in a 3D world, but unless & until we have a clear idea in your mind, it will be very difficult to manifest in the real world.

A simple example, any innovation that takes place in this world, first of all, it need to be born in the mind, it must have a clear picture in the mind to manifest in the 3D world.

Edison, before making innovation of electricity, he must have a clear vision of what he is going to achieve, otherwise, how was it possible?

In our daily life also, every activity first take place in our mind, say if I am going to cook dinner, first I decide in my mind what am I am going to cook today, right?  which means the dinner first prepared in your mind, and then it manifested in the real world.

I might think what should be the menu for the dinner and so on,  it is not possible to manifest anything which is not thought of or did not have a blueprint in your mind,  that is not possible.  Whatever you want to manifest in the real world,  you need to think about it first, you need to prepare it in your mind.

Unless you prepare it in your mind, it can’t be manifested in the real world.

Now read this affirmation again:


Yes, you are the source of Abundance & Prosperity,  so whatever you want to manifest in your life, the first step is to see it very clearly in your mind.  Once that image set in your mind, daily nurture it with positive thinking.

It will take some time to show up in the 3D world, but you need to nurture it daily with your positive vibes.  Remember that  Negative thinking creates blocks in the manifestation.

Now, do you resonate with this affirmation, I AM THE SOURCE OF MY ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY?

You can take any affirmation, and check what kind of feelings and negative thoughts it creates in your mind.  If a negative thought arises, it is a clear sign that you need to clear that blockage, once you clear that blockage, when you break the negative thinking pattern around that affirmation, you subtly remove the barrier.

Easy right?  You can take any affirmation, in an area of life which you want to work, relationship, job, business, success and so on.

And if you find it difficult to release negative thoughts about money, then first try this affirmation for 7, 14, 21 days.

I Release all Negativity from my Mind, Body and Soul.

I Easily Let Go All Negative Memories.

I Transform Negative Energy Into Love & Light.

Money Reiki and cleansing of Money Blocks

Money Reiki greatly helps to cleanse any negativity around money, abundance & Prosperity.  Money Reiki has especially dedicated to cleansing negative thoughts, beliefs and attracting good vibes by applying simple tricks like blessing the money.

Bless the Money

Money is energy, and we can increase its vibration by blessing the money.  Make it your habit, whenever you receive or give money, bless the money by saying in mind “I Bless You”, it instantly raises your vibration and you attract more money in your life.

Learn Money Reiki to Raise Your Money Vibration

Money Reiki and its symbols like Cleansing Symbol and Golden Pyramid Symbol help to remove any and all negative thoughts, past negative karmas, hexes and vows.

Tip for Money Reiki Students:

Activate Cleansing symbol, and visualize it descending it on Crown Chakra, absorbs all negative thoughts, karmas from Crown Chakra to foot chakra, repeat it three times, if necessary.

In the second method, you can visualize Cleansing Symbol rotates clockwise from top of the head to the feet, absorbing all the negativity.

Visualize all the negativity transmutes to the love and light.

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I hope this article about how affirmations can help to remove negativity around money will help you.  Do you find this article helpful?  If yes, then share it with your friends and family, they might find it useful too.

In the next article, we will discuss a secret affirmation which can multiply your money, no matter what, subscribe to Reiki Amazes now to get the latest blog post in your mailbox.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments below, I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

If you have any tips on affirmations or cleansing of money blocks, pl share with us!

Abundance & Prosperity to All!


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