How To Manifest Anything With The Law Of Attraction?

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Many of you are wondering if loa really works?  After “Secret” many people tried this formula and got astonishing results, while some criticize it for many different reasons.  Some ask whether it is really possible just to ask, believe & manifest the things in our lives.

After learning loa, I realized that the universe is the ultimate source from which we can literally ask for our wishes and desires.

Energy healers and those who are working in this field know how to communicate with the Universe.  And to my surprise, the universe responds you back in many different ways. That really amazes me. 

Can you just imagine the ultimate source or the Universe really respond to our wish to communicated with him?  And believe me, it is easier than it seems to be.  

So is it possible to manifest anything in life with the law of attraction?

I will say, you can manifest anything in your life, but it requires work on our part. We need to do a lot of work with different modalities and find out what suits us better.

One reminder: All these techniques are far beyond logic and stats.  It works better when applied with heart and faith.

So are these methods unscientific? Absolutely not, Law Of Attraction has a scientific base and it is proven now and then that it works.

Simple Tips to Manifest Anything With Law Of Attraction

Choose the right tool or mix of it

There are many tools available to manifest your wish or desire.  Positive Affirmations, Visualization Board, Meditation, EFT, Reiki, and all such healing modalities can help you to what you desire.  

But you need to spend time with these modalities, work with them and find out which suits you better. For some crystals give instant results, for some affirmations, visualization board may give quick results to somebody.  You need to use what suits you best or the combination which suits you.

For example, you can write affirmations on paper, and give them reiki and keep them into a wish box with crystals.  Now here we are working with more than one modality. So find out which suits you best.

2. Get Clear On What You Really Want

While manifesting, it is important to be very clear about what you want.  You can make a list of it and work with anyone at a time. This way you will leaser focus and it will get easy to manifest.

You can also try to write down why and when you want to manifest certain things in your life.  Pwhateople get a lot of clarity by answering these questions. 

  1. What do you want to manifest in your life?
  2. By When do you want to manifest?

If you are not clear try chanting switchword “TOGETHER”, for 5 minutes, you will find that you get a better solution to the problem.

TOGETHER is a switchword for bringing the coordination between heart and mind, conscious & subconscious mind.

  1. Declutter Everything

Very self-explanatory, we need to declutter that what is not needed.  Sometimes we collect a lot of things which are not useful or necessary. Not only on physical but also on mental and emotional planes we want to declutter everything.  When we make space for new things, manifestation becomes much easier.

  1. The main culprit – Fear

Fear is an imagination of something that has not happened yet and most likely never will.  But it creates blocks in your mental plane.

Fear is an energy that blocks you on many planes, it not only creates hurdles in the mental world but it reflects in the physical world also and slowly you start to lose confidence.


Gratitude is one of my favourite tools, but I never use it just as a tool but you must sincerely feel gratitude in your life.  Unless you are honest & sincere, its hard to manifest.

To start with you can start to pay gratitude that you want to manifest.

Gratitude is the best attitude and when you show gratitude, the universe knows that you want to manifest that thing in your life.

With gratitude, you can increase your vibrational frequency, which makes manifestation easier.

6.Self Love

It is a must to manifest anything in your life.  Unless & until you love yourself. Self-love or self-grooming is a vast subject, but it is important to groom your personality.  Try to learn new things, make changes whenever & wherever needed and get ready to get surprised.

Self-love is an appreciation for what you are, and who you are.  When you love yourself, it reflects through your personality.

I highly recommend Louise Hay’s Mirror Technique, in which you have to see in Mirror and say I love you to yourself.  Some people find it difficult but continue with this practice until you feel ok with saying I LOVE YOU  to yourself. It will transform your life.

  1. Live with a purpose

Find what is your purpose and what do you want to give this society and universe?  When you will find the answer to these questions, you will lead a life of quality.

It is important to know why you are here on this planet, and how you are helping to the nature of the universe.  Once it is clear for you, it becomes easy to manifest in your world.


Manifestation is a very simple process once you know the basics of it.  We can describe the whole process in simple terms like ask – have faith – manifest.

But though it looks simple, it involves many steps and layers that we need to understand.  For example, self-love. Self-love is so important while practicing manifestation. If we do not love what we are, it will create a block in your mind that will become a hurdle in your manifestation process.

Gratitude is another aspect of life.  If you are not grateful for what you have, the universe will not manifest what you want.  To be honest it is nothing to do with what affirmations you do but it largely depends upon what you think about yourself

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