Free Vasudha Symbol Attunement


I am really excited to attune all of you to Vasudha Symbol.  I get many requests for Vasudha Symbol Attunement, so I thought creating training around it as it will be useful for my readers.  So I hope you will enjoy this Vasudha Symbol Attunement.

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3 thoughts on “Free Vasudha Symbol Attunement”

  1. Extraordinary session it was, thank you wholeheartedly for such an amazing knowledge imparted selflessly. Thank you universe and thank you as my money reiki guru. I could feel the yellow spirals all over while closing eyes and such effective attunement virtually shows your amazing power in this field.

    • Thanks Jyothi for your kind words.
      I am just sharing my experiences and knowledge with all of you.
      I am a mere Reiki Channel and not a guru of any kind:)

      Reiki Blessings

  2. Great morning! I just received the Vasudha attunement. I am very grateful to you; thank you so much. Your website was brought to me today; I wasn’t expecting to be Attuned to anything today. Love, peace and abundance to you.


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