Use Reiki Cho Ku Rei Symbol Even If You Are Not Attuned!!

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In the last article, Cho Ku Rei symbol of Power, Protection, and Prosperity, we have seen the Importance of the Cho Ku Rei Symbol and how it can be used!

Many of you, who have not learned Reiki yet, but want to get benefitted by this healing energy, are not sure whether to use its symbols or not.

Reiki Symbols are sacred and therefore, should be used carefully.  There is no doubt if you attune to Reiki,  you will use these symbols more efficiently.

Divine Timing needed to get attuned to Reiki, but if you are interested in using these symbols, surely you can!!

Best Ways to use Reiki Symbols if you are not attuned!

1. Get Attuned to Reiki!

  1.  The best way to use these symbols, no doubt, is to get attuned to it!  You can intuitively know where to use these symbols and in which conditions.  Surprisingly, no two Reiki Practitioners use the same method to heal a particular situation.  Every Reiki Practitioner has its own way to heal or treat a situation.  So obviously the best way is to get yourself enrolled in a Reiki Class. Remember this – Once you are attuned, you are always attuned!

2.Water Charging method

Water is an amazing substance, and we can charge water with our intentions.  For thousands of years, water is known for its unusual and eccentric properties.

Water symbolizes purification, fertility, cleansing, and healing. Main religions in the world like Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Shinto used water for purification and healing.

Characteristics of water

Water is the only substance that can consist of three states Liquid, Solid, vapor.

Water’s density increases below freezing point, whereas any other substance contracts when it’s cool.

Strangely, water works against the gravitational force of the earth and reaches to the top of a tree.

The most important aspect  Water has memory and can store the data in its molecules/properties.

Watch this short video on how our Intent and Consciousness can affect the water.

Water can be charged with the thoughts and intention, so now on charge your water with your intention!

By using this water charging method, we energize water to get  Reiki Healing!

The best way to use Reiki Symbols without any harm, even if you are not attuned to Reiki, is by Water Charging method.  We all know that Charged water can be very helpful in keeping our health at excel.

Nowadays, a set of Reiki Symbols are readily available, so make use of these Crystal which is beautifully embossed with Reiki Symbols.  Choose one of the symbols which you want to use.

Cho Ku Rei is a multipurpose symbol which we can be used for power, protection, and prosperity.  Now decide for which purpose you are using this Cho Ku Rei Symbol.  Intention counts!

3. To protect your family with negativity.

Take a pitcher/jug, fill water and put a Cho Ku Rei embossed crystal in it.  Keep it overnight or a minimum of 6 hours.

Your water is now Reiki infused and with all Cho Ku Rei Healing Properties.

Choose any one of these Crystals embossed with Reiki Symbols.

You may choose to use a single Crystal embossed with Cho Ku Rei.

But, buying a whole set of Reiki symbols will be more cost-efficient than buying a single crystal embossed with the Reiki symbol.

I will suggest you choose White Crystal Quartz set as it can be programmed easily with any intention!

Every Crystal has a specific healing property.

Amethyst is very useful to get rid of addiction.

Tiger Eye gives the best result for boosting confidence.

This water can be used for

  1. drinking
  2. cooking
  3. gardening
  4. spraying in the house(remove negativity)

4. Water Charging by Coasters!

Coasters can be effectively used to charge the water or any liquid you want to consume.  Put a glass or a jug on this coaster and your liquid is charged with Reiki Energy.

5. Cho Ku Rei Pendants

CKR pendants are very popular nowadays, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get the healing energies of Reiki.

Wearing a pendant, crystal or gemstones is effective as it stays in your aura by 24×7, healing is much faster.

6. Cho Ku Rei Mugs

Cho Ku Rei symbol has the energy of power, protection, and prosperity and has been in usage for decades.
Using Reiki & Karuna Reiki Symbols in your daily life is an easy way to infuse these energies.  This CKR Frosted Mug is perfect for charging your liquids with Reiki energy. In a mere 30 seconds, it can charge water, milk, or any other liquid.
There are many products that are infused with Reiki symbols energy and can help you to heal you and your family.

7. Cho Ku Rei Chant

Chant Cho Ku Rei whenever possible, your subconscious connects with the CKR energies.  Once you are used to it, you get automatically connected to the healing energies.


These are some simple tips to use Cho Ku Rei symbol and get the benefits. Use Cho Ku Rei in your daily life for power, protection, and prosperity.  Just let me know how your experiences/your findings on it, in comments.

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