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Five Percepts Of Reiki

2.7kviewsThe five precepts or five Gokai of Reiki just not important to Reiki practitioners but also to each and every individual. Dr.Mikao Usui gives us these principles. Just as Reiki is …

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Active Natural Immunity

648views What Is Immunity  and how can Reiki help to active Natural Immunity ?     Immunity is a balanced state of our existence, where  we have an adequate biological …

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Depression and Reiki

1.2kviewsDepression is a mental state where a person feels sad, anxiety, loneliness, guilt, unwanted, and totally aloof from society. It is a state where a person loses all hopes, and …

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How to define Reiki ?

1.2kviewsDefine Reiki, somebody asks me sarcastically.That time I didn’t answer. Reiki is unconditional love, Reiki is pure light.   This universe made up of five elements, i.e. Earth (Prithvi), water …

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