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The Third Eye Chakra


1.6kviewsThe Sanskrit name for the Third Eye Chakra is AGNYA CHAKRA  which means to command.  The Agnya Chakra and the Pineal gland are same and one.  It  Controls many important …

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What is the Third Chakra ?

what is the manipura chakra?

2kviewsWe have discussed the first two chakras, Mooladhar/Root and Swadhisthana/ Sacral Chakra so far, so now what is the Third Chakra? The Third Chakra’s original Sanskrit name is MANIPUR CHAKRA. …

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Chakra and Endocrine System

4.1kviewsUpdate: Feb 2020. Chakra and Endocrine system, are totally different things altogether, but then how they are related to each other, how they work, what are their respective role? Let’s …

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What is a Reiki Attunement ?

what is a reiki attunement

3.6kviewsThe most important aspect of Reiki is Attunement or Reiju (pronounced Ray-joo),  it’s a kind of mystical process. The process of opening of a channel for the free flow of energy and …

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Five Percepts Of Reiki

2.1kviewsThe five precepts or five Gokai of Reiki just not important to Reiki practitioners but also to each and every individual. Dr.Mikao Usui gives us these principles. Just as Reiki is …

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