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Are Reiki Symbols Sacred or Secret?

Shubhangi/ April 13, 2018/ Symbols/ 0 comments

Reiki – hands-on healing technique – is the easiest and safest healing method. Reiki is easy to learn and apply, once you are attuned to Reiki, you can heal anything from plants to planets. Reiki has different levels, and with every level, you learn more advanced techniques of healing. After level

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Zonar – 2

Shubhangi/ July 30, 2016/ Symbols/ 0 comments

In my last post, we discuss some of the features of zonar.  I got a very positive response from this post, encouraging me to write some more about it. Zonar and Angelic Numbers Karuna Reiki helps you to connect with the higher frequency elements like Angels, fairies, your higher self and so

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Zonar – karuna Reiki Symbol

Shubhangi/ July 22, 2016/ Symbols/ 4 comments

ZONAR – A GREAT KARUNA REIKI SYMBOL Karuna Reiki symbols have a great degree of intensity and mysticism in it, as in all Reiki symbols.  Symbols itself is a subject of the occult and deep meanings, which are  difficult to define. Symbols are subject of meditation, and through the meditation, we can reveal

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Let’s see the Throat Chakra meaning..

Shubhangi/ June 6, 2016/ Symbols/ 0 comments

  The Throat Chakra or the 5th Chakra’s original name is the Visshudhi Chakra.  It is named as the Throat Chakra because of its location in the throat area.  Visshudhi is a Sanskrit term which means PURIFIED, TO CLEAN , TO PURIFY, SUBLIMATE.  It is a combination of two words Vish

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What is the Anahata Chakra ?

Shubhangi/ June 2, 2016/ Symbols/ 2 comments

The word  ‘ANAHATA’  generally relates to a sound or a naada.  The Anahata naad is a sound of  the celestial realm.  Anahata means unstruck or unbeaten.  Anahata naada is not caused by any external friction, it is not the result of striking or beating certain things.  Anahata naada is a mystic

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What is the Third Chakra ?

Shubhangi/ May 26, 2016/ Symbols/ 2 comments

We have discussed the first two chakras so far, so now what is the Third Chakra ?  The Third Chakra’s original Sanskrit name is MANIPUR CHAKRA.  It is made of two Sanskrit words MANI (Jewel) and PUR (City), so the literal meaning of Manipur Chakra is City of Jewels.  It is

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