Mudras and Reiki – What’s the Similarity?


Mudra Vigyan or Mudra Therapy is a very popular form of healing in many different countries, especially in India.

The human body is a miniature of this Universe, and you can find everything that is available in the Universe, available in the human body as well.

The Universe is made up of five elements viz, Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Space, similarly, the human body is made up of these five elements, and each finger represents an element.

Five fingers and Five Elements

Thumb = Fire

Index Finger = Air

Middle Finger = Space

Ring Finger = Earth

Little/ Pinky Finger = Water

What is Mudra?

According to Yogapedia,” The word is Sanskrit meaning “gesture,” “mark” or “seal.” Mudras are most commonly known as hand positions in yoga and meditation, which are believed to affect the flow of energy in the body and unblock chakras.”

There are many types of mudras and are performed with the help of fingers.  According to the Mudra Vigyan, the root cause of any disease is the imbalance in these five elements and performing particular mudras, which are the formation of different hand postures, can coordinate these elements.

The entire Mudra Vigyan is based on the concept that a particular kind of energy or Electro Magnetic Waves is continuously emitted from our hands.  And this concept is the base of may healing modalities including Reiki, Acupressure, and so on.

Each mudra has a specific effect on the body and mind, by clearing the psychic centers and energy channels and thus improving the health of a human being.

Our fingers have nerve terminals connected to our endocrine glands when the fingers touch in a certain format, it creates an electromagnetic field, which helps to restore the balance of the body.Mudra and reiki

Like in Gyan Mudra, you use index finger and thumb which is also a combination of fire and air, which is good for muscles and brain.  These Mudras carry out minute changes in our body.

How do Mudra and Reiki work?

As mentioned above, each of our fingers represents a particular element, and when an element in our body, reduced or increased, it creates an illness. With the help of Mudras, we can maintain the equilibrium in our body.

Reiki, spiritual healing energy, popularly known as hands-on healing, uses the same technique at a very subtle level to connect with our endocrine system.

If you notice the main 26 points of Reiki, is nothing but the main energy centers or primary and secondary chakras in our body.

When we place our palms on the body, we are passing these electromagnetic waves to that endocrine gland, which synthesizes the energy level in that part.

Thus, Reiki has Mudra Vignyan at its base. While placing our palms on body parts, we are activating all the five elements like  Fire, Air, Space, Earth, and Water.  By placing our palms just for a few minutes, we help our body, to receive these elements in proportion needed.

Read on Main Hasta Mudra 

Difference between Mudra Vignyan and Reiki


Electromagnetic waves are the base of both these modalities, though very subtle, there are some differences in both modalities.

1. Hasta Mudras are very beneficial for curing different diseases in our body, but you need to take some precautions while doing some hasta mudra.

Some mudras like Shunya Mudra and Vayu Mudra should be performed only till you get the result, once the desired result is achieved, you should not perform these mudras, as it can be harmful.

On the contrary, Reiki never does any harm, it is safe for one and all.  Many practitioners experience it, that when enough Reiki is received, you intuitively move your hand to another point or part.

2. To get the result from Hasta Mudra, you need to practice it for 45 minutes every day.  A desirable change in the body element can be seen only after 45 minutes.  You can start practicing for 10 minutes, in the beginning, extending up to one hour at the most.

Reiki, on the contrary, does not require so much time to show results.  Even after the first session of Reiki, you will feel tremendous calm and relaxed.  Also, after your first degree of Reiki, you may not need to practice one hour daily.  In the first degree of Reiki, you must practice 26 Reiki Points, which may take an hour or so.  But after the completion of Reiki I, daily practice of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended.

3. In some cases, Hasta Mudra performs better like in case of a sudden heart attack, performing Apan Vayu Mudra immediately with both hands, shows quick results.   Likewise, for weight loss& Thyroid if you perform Surya Mudra, you get good results.

4. Hasta Mudra needs to be practiced under the guidance and with precaution, at a basic level.  Once you have enough practice & knowledge, you can perform on its own.

Reiki is the most simple method to work with.  Once you are attuned and have the basic knowledge of Reiki points, you can easily do Reiki and heal yourself and others.

As it does no harm, it is the safest healing method.  Even if you do not remember all the points, just by placing your palms on any of the body parts, you can heal yourself.

5. Hasta Mudra can heal you on a physical, mental and emotional level, as it directly deals with endocrine glands, which are the main energy centers in our body.

Reiki, on the contrary, heals you on every aspect of your existence,  not only it heals you on a physical, mental and emotional level but also on a spiritual level.  It is a known fact that you get divine assistance from higher realms while doing Reiki.

Reiki deals in a very amazing way for the highest interest of the receiver.  It heals the crisis from its roots and sometimes you will find that the root cause of the problem is in the past lives.

Reiki empowers you to heal any situation, across many lifetimes.  Not only that, Reiki is a very handy tool in critical conditions.  Sometimes, it’s not possible to avail immediate medical treatment, instead of creating chaos, you always know that you have a powerful tool, which can give relief immediately.


Hasta Mudra and Reiki, two powerful tools to heal yourself without needing any other tool to.  Both of the healing modalities can be performed by anyone, irrespective of men, women, and child.

I am a vivid follower of Hasta Mudra, and many a time, I found myself performing Hasta Mudra.  But honestly, I am biased towards Reiki for its sheer simplicity and effectiveness.

I find it totally awesome, that you just need to place your hand on your body, and you are able to heal yourself,  You can treat yourself anywhere, in commute, watching tv, reading, listening music and so on.

How amazing is that, you can heal your past, present & future at a time.  You can heal your body and emotions at the same time.

You can heal Plants to planets, you can heal mother earth and the entire Universe,  I find it so cool!

Learn Reiki to be a part of this amazing healing modality and miracles will happen!!

If you have any questions, suggestion regarding Reiki, you are most welcome to comment below and I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Love, Light & Reiki

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8 thoughts on “Mudras and Reiki – What’s the Similarity?”

  1. Shubhangi, I thank you for this post.  I have a fascination for energy work.  (I especially enjoy working with ch’i kung and have been a practitioner for some years now.  It has helped me tremendously.)

    I have always had a fascination for mudra but have never found a teacher.  I had thought that mudra was a spiritual discipline and an aid for helping to train your mind.  I never knew it could also be a form of healing practice, but now that you’ve explained it, that makes enormous sense.  

    Reiki also is interesting to me because of my daughter’s explorations in that discipline.  There are so many connections between the three disciplines, it seems.  


    — Netta


    • Hey Netta,

      All the healing energies have the same base foundation mostly around our own aura or Electro-Magnetic waves.  Qi gong and Reiki, or Mudras also uses the same Energy.

      As you notice the word Qi in Qi gong and Ki in Reiki signifies the same element – Life force within us.

      Netta, if you want to learn about Mudras, just Google Mudra Therapy and you will find many sources to learn about it.


  2. It was cool to learn a few things about Mudra Therapy, which I’ve never come across. While I’ve studied Reiki to an extent (even had a college class that brought it up) Mudra Therapy was something they had never spoken of. The connection of Mudras seem to enhance Reiki and how they can help bring balance to the five elements in the body, something I’ve always found fascinating. And it is true, that these elements are the basic building blocks that make all of us who we are today and all we see around us, and to have them within us, in balance, creates health benefits I’m not too sure many are aware of. 

    • That’s true Todd, many are not aware of our body works and the different planes that involve human existence.  five elements are the very base of our existence.

      Glad that you are a Reiki follower, if you practice Mudras, it certainly enhances the health benefits.  You can Google Mudra Therapy and you will find many secrets about it:))


  3. Hello Shubhangi, I have heard of reiki, have met some practitioners before, but not as a client, and I’ve never had reiki done, and I am considering it. On the other hand, I had never heard of mudra.

    I found your article interesting for many things it taught me: I didn’t know the origin of this Indian symbol of putting together the thumb and index fingers to form a circle, with the interpretation of fire and air. As a yoga practitioner, this is something important for me to know for sure.

    I also didn’t know reiki was derived from mudra. Or that one could learn to use reiki on oneself, without the need of an expert practitioner. 

    It was good to learn about the differences between reiki and mudra, and I can see that there are many advantages of reiki over mudra, as one is an evolution over the other. 

    Given that, which article(s) do you recommend I read next in order to fairly quickly be able to perform reiki on myself (or on someone I know)? 

    Thanks! Phil


    • Hey Phil,

      Glad to know that you are a Yoga practitioner and for sure, if you learn and practice Mudras, it will definitely benefit you.  

      Reiki is not derived through Mudras,  both are different but the use the same source for healing i.e. Electro Magnetic Waves in our body.

      If you are attuned to Reiki, then this article can be useful to you, unless you are attuned to Reiki you cannot perform Reiki on self or others.


  4. I admit I have heard of Reiki, but not the other Mudras? I read your post twice but I am still confused as to the difference between the two. Correct me if I’m wrong, Reiki involves the placing of the whole hand on various parts of the body, while Mudras involves using specific fingers? The human body is truly amazing that is for sure. It’s hard to comprehend sometimes, that we are organic ‘machines’ containing lots of electricity. 

    • Hey Madeleine,

      Reiki and Mudras, are totally different in their application.  Reiki is placing your hands on your body and thereby channel the healing energies.

      Mudras, whereas, needed to hold in a particular way to make any changes in the elements.  Though both the therapies are based on the Electro-Magnetic Waves in the body.

      Reiki has a more deep effect on your existence as it heals you on different levels of your existence.



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