5 Must Have Things to Remove Negative Energy in Your Home


remove negative energy in your home
I know exactly how you feel when you hear the word Negative energy or negative entity. We all are scared of negative things, negative vibration, negativity in general. Some people are so terrified when they hear any talk related to negative entities.

In no way I am saying that Negative entities do not exist, we all know they exist. Positive and Negative, both exist in this Universe. If we believe in God, there is no reason to assume that demons do not exist.

But when and why we get affected by these negative energies and entities, and what is negativity?

What is Negativity?

In simple terms Negativity means anything unwanted, it can be fear, anger, earthbound or lower spirits. Basically, we all are nothing but the pure form of light from the source. This is our basic, root and real nature.

We all love peace, purity, honesty in all of its form. We all love peace because that’s our true nature, so we don’t like it when we or somebody else gets angry. We regret if we get angry.

So is true with all of our negative feelings like fear, anxiety, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, shame, grief, guilt and so on. We do not like to feel any of these negative feelings and occasionally if we came across these negative feelings, we always regret these feelings.

Not once is the occasion when you feel good if you are angry or you can not feel good if you are feeling guilt or shame of any incident.

The most important reason for becoming vulnerable to negative energy or entity

The most important reason why we get caught by negative energy or negative entity is nothing but we forgot who we are. Yes, that is the only reason we become vulnerable to negativity.

It’s all about to whom you are giving your power to. If you give your power to fear, frustration, and other lower feelings its bound to happen that your own personal energy level going to affect drastically.

All these negative feelings lower down your frequency and tend to expose you to these negative energies and entities. If you always feel fearful and worried about negative entities, your aura slowly becomes thinner and you can be easily get attacked and get caught by these entities.

It’s your mindset, that makes you vulnerable to these lower energies. Try out this affirmation every day if you are fearful of getting caught by negative entities.

Repeat it in your mind and write 45 times each day.

God is within and around me, protecting me;

so I will banish
the fear that shuts out His guiding light.”


Some more affirmations to protect you.

How to remove negativity

As I said earlier, negative elements do exist and if only you permit, it can harm you. Be in a stable state of mind and protect your family and yourself with these easy remedies.

The first and foremost important thing is always kept your home clean. Cluttering and dirt attract negative energies easily.

Discard any old clothes not used in last six months. Unused old stuff can easily catch negative energies.

Open the windows and doors if possible for 15 minutes in the morning. At least a window should be kept open for a minimum of 15 minutes, as natural sunlight and fresh air can ward off any negativity in the home.

Other than these basic things, you should try out these 5 things to protect your family and you from any negative vibrations.


5 things which you must have in your home


Salt is the most powerful and easily available thing which you can use to repel any negative energies in the atmosphere. Salt has built-in ability to absorb negative energies in the atmosphere.

How to Use Salt to Clear Negative Energy

Take Salt (small granular one) and keep in all the four corners of the room, flush it after 24 hours.
Keep Granular salt in small glass bowls and keep in each room. Flush it every Saturday.
Sprinkle Salt in each room at night, clean it in the morning.
Keep a bowl of salt in bathrooms and toilets, flush away after a week. You can keep Quartz Crystals in the bowl for additional benefit.
Take a bath with salt water. Add a tablespoon of salt in a bucket and have a bath. It’s a good remedy to get rid of any impurities in the aura.





Camphor is known for its medicinal and healing properties. Camphor purifies the air and has the ability to destroy the negative elements in the atmosphere. Burning camphor also purifies the home and drive away evil spirits and negative energies.



How to use Camphor to Clear Negative Energy

Burn 4/5 Camphor tablets in aroma oil dispenser, as the fragrance should reach every corner of the room. If possible carry the dispenser in each room, walk in a clockwise motion, allow the fragrance to reach every corner of the room. The huge deposits of soot outside the dispenser indicate the burning of negative energies.

Take 3 tablets of camphor in the right hand, rotate it thrice around the head of a person, in a clockwise direction, visualizing all negative thoughts, negative energy absorbed in camphor. Put the camphor tablets in the fire until it extinguishes.

Make a Camphor spray, adding tap water and 5/6 camphor tablets in a spray bottle. Mix it well, now spray this in every room.


3.Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful stone to repel negativity and for grounding. It is advisable to keep a raw black tourmaline stone in every corner of your room to protect your family from negativity. Black Tourmaline is very helpful to restore the positivity in the atmosphere.

Use raw black tourmaline when you want to use it for removal of negativity, as it has stronger energies than polished black tourmaline. Black Tourmaline pendants, bracelets can be worn as a protection against negative energies and vibes.

clear_negativity_from_your_house_by_Black Touormalineamazon_button

How to use Black Tourmaline to clear negative energy

1. Place a big raw chunk of black tourmaline near the entrance of your main door, as to absorb any negative influence entering your home.

2. Use raw black tourmaline in every corner of your home, to remove any negativity from the arena, as it creates the energetic grid of protection.

3. Keep small black tourmaline stone in water for 12 hrs. And sprinkle that water all over your house, intending to protect your family from any negativity.

4. Wear Black tourmaline pendant/bracelet to protect you from negativity.

5. Carry Black Tourmaline in your pocket/purse for added protection.

4. Essential oils

. Essential Oils has been around for 1000 of years and have many properties for physical as well as spiritual and mental, emotional wellness.

Essential Oils are the best alternatives to negate impurities, clear negative energies and raise your vibrational frequencies. These oils can be used in diffusers and air sprays.

Basil, Cypress, Frankincense, Juniper, Lemon oil, Clove oil, Grapefruit are very useful for removing negativity from your house.


How to use essential oils to clear negative energies

Never ever directly apply essential oils to your skin, use a carrier oil to mixed or dilute with it.

The safest way to use essential oils is to use in diffusers, adding 5/6 drops of essential oil with water.

Make a spray adding few drops of essential oil with water, and spray in each room, every evening particularly corners of the room.

5. Living Plants

Living plants easily absorb any negativity in the room, so keep at least one plant in each room.


Particularly Basil plant is said to be very sensitive to negative energies and absorb any negativity in the room.

remove negativity by planting tulasi in your home
It is believed that Basil plant absorb negative elements and entities within itself and saves the owner of the house. You will find Basil plant, dies after some days/months as per the severity of the negative elements in the atmosphere.

So it is considered as a divine plant in Hinduism and worshipped in every house in India.


Reiki is the most effective to remove any kind of negativity from your house. Reiki is a spiritual healing energy and pure source of light.

It’s a common practice in Reiki Practitioners to activate Reiki to cleanse any type of negativity from your body or house. Reiki a pure source of light diminishes any kind of negativity.

How to use Reiki to clear negative energies

If you are a Reiki Practitioner, use Flooding method to clear any negativity from your house. Sit in a comfortable position, activate Reiki, let it flow through crown chakra to each cell of your body.

Visualize Reiki entering through the Sahastrar/Crown chakra, slowly going down to Agnya/Third eye chakra, Visshudhi/Throat Chakra, Heart/Anahata chakra, Manipur/Solar Plexus, Swadhisthan/Sacral, Mooladhar/Root chakra and flowing down to toes.

Each and every part of your body, every cell of your body is now filled with the pure white light. Slowly this pure white light fills the entire room, each and every corner of your home is now flooded with the Pure White Light of Reiki.

At this moment, request Reiki to remove any negative vibrations, negative frequencies and negative entities from your home.  Keep flooding with Reiki, till you guided to. Once you are done, now close the pure energy of your home with Cho Ku Rei.

Reiki not only helps to remove any negativity from your house, but it also helps to increase vibrational frequencies of your home.

Even if you are a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, you can apply Reiki. Once you are attuned to Reiki, you can apply Reiki to each and everything in your home, thus protecting your home from any negativity.

Love, Light, & Reiki.

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  1. I will try raw Tourmaline in my house as I am married to a very negative husband and a daughter who always very negative and cross as well – I hope it works for my house, as it feels very toxic and I want it gone

    • Penny,
      No doubt Crystals helps to improve a situation even if you just put the chunks of crystals in your house. If you are using Black Tourmaline, I would suggest not to put them in your bedroom. Try to keep Rose Quartz in your bedroom and even in your home to improve the relations.
      Keep a bowl full of salt in your home, flush it every Saturday, to remove any kind of negativity around you.


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