What is the Anahata Chakra ?

anahata-solar plexus chakra

In the last article, we discussed Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra.  In this article, we are going to discuss Heart or Anahata Chakra. The word  ‘ANAHATA’  generally relates to a sound or a naada.  The Anahata naad is a sound of the celestial realm.  Anahata means unstruck or unbeaten.  Anahata naada is not caused by … Read moreWhat is the Anahata Chakra ?

Hidden Mystery Behind Reiki Self Attunement and Endocrine Glands

Reiki attunement is a beautiful and very mystic process as well.  When we attune to Reiki energies, we get connected to the whole of the environment.  As we get attuned to the more levels of Reiki, we get into contact with more subtle energies. What is an Attunement? According to Wikipedia, ” Attunement is taught as a … Read moreHidden Mystery Behind Reiki Self Attunement and Endocrine Glands

26 Reiki Points For Self Treatment – Refresh Yourself Everyday-[Updated]

26 reiki points refresh yourself everyday

Updated: 5th Aug 2019. Reiki I –  is the base or foundation of the Spiritual Healing Energy – Reiki.  Reiki I is the introduction of this healing energy, Reiki.  Reiki I explain in detail how to apply Reiki in person or hands-on Reiki.  Reiki I student has to practice these 26 Reiki Points for continuous 21 … Read more26 Reiki Points For Self Treatment – Refresh Yourself Everyday-[Updated]

What is the Sahastrar Chakra ?


  In the Chakra Series, this is the seventh Chakra, and its name is the SAHASTRAR CHAKRA, What is the Sahastrar Chakra ?  Let’s find out.. SAHASTRA is a Sanskrit word which means thousand, Sahastrar here it means a lotus with a thousand petals.  Vedic terminology highlighted for its symbolic language, it’s always been mystical or … Read moreWhat is the Sahastrar Chakra ?

What is the Third Chakra ?

what is the manipura chakra?

We have discussed the first two chakras, Mooladhar/Root and Swadhisthana/ Sacral Chakra so far, so now what is the Third Chakra? The Third Chakra’s original Sanskrit name is MANIPUR CHAKRA.  It is made of two Sanskrit words MANI (Jewel) and PUR (City), so the literal meaning of Manipur Chakra is City of Jewels.  It is … Read moreWhat is the Third Chakra ?

What is the Sacral Chakra ?


Hey Friends, Now we have the basic information about the Mooladhara or Root Chakra, now let’s see the second chakra Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra. If you are new to this Chakra Series, I would recommend you to start with Chakra and Endocrine System, so you will know the foundation of the Chakra system. The second … Read moreWhat is the Sacral Chakra ?