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Reiki Healing Images are immensely helpful to calm down, destress and sooth you.  Whenever I need to relax, I concentrate on Healing Images and play a soothing music.

This a very old tradition in India.  In Yoga, TRATAK is a very famous for its ability to concentrate your mind.  Tratak is a Sanskrit word which means concentrate or gaze at an object, which can be a Bindu Tratak – Dot Tratak or an Idol Tratak, or Sun Tratak etc.

You can do Tratak on any object – the only condition is that it should make you feel calm and relaxed.  Never do Tratak on objects which invoke you, so the very basic thing is to concentrate on Nature, whatever resonates with you.

How to do Tratak on Healing Images ?

Tratak is a concentration of mind and body.  Tratak can be described as a continuous gazing at a symbol, idol, nature or a picture, which ultimately soothes your mind and body.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, don’t blink your eyelids as much as possible, gaze at desired


  2. If tears roll down, close your eyes and try to see the image in your mind.

  3. Don’t strain your eyes.

  4. Start with as little time as possible, make it very delightful experience.

  5. Rub your palms and put them on your face, feel the warmth and energy. Now slowly open your eyes.


If you are comfortable with this, continue with this technique, else you can just look at the picture, listen to music and relaxed.

The main objective of Reiki Healing Images is to relax your mind and body.


How Reiki Healing Images Work?

The whole concept is based on the technique of a Yoga, which says :

चले वाते चलं चित्तं निश्चले निश्चलं भवेत्।
योगी स्थाणुत्वमाप्नोति ततो वायुं निरोधयेत्॥२॥

Cale vāte calaṁ cittaṁ niścale niścalaṁ bhavet|
Yogī sthāṇutvamāpnoti tato vāyuṁ nirodhayet||2||

When the vital air moves (cale vāte), the mind (cittam) moves (calam); (when) it does not move (niścale), (the mind) remains (bhavet) motionless (niścalam). Due to that (steadiness of the vital air) (tatas), the Yogī (yogī) attains (āpnoti) steadiness (sthāṇutvam). Hence (tatas), (such a Yogī)should restrain (nirodhayet) the vital air (vāyum)||2||


In simple words, if we concentrate on our breaths, our mind become stable.  When our breaths are calm, our mind becomes calm and when we breathe faster (generally when we are angry, feared or restless), it adversely affects our mind and body.


Benefits of Reiki Healing Images


  • The most important benefit is relaxation.  Just after minutes, you will feel relaxed, and much more composed.

  • It is a proven fact, that Tratak improves your concentration and memory power.

  • Daily practice of Tratak, heals your Third-Eye Chakra.  Any imbalance in this chakra, get equalized.

  • As your third-Chakra is balanced, you become more intuitive.  your intuition power increases.

  • As a more energetically aligned, it’s easier to connect with higher energies.

Before moving to our Healing Session, few things :

Feel free to download the Reiki Healing Images and try this technique, at your leisure.

The Best way is to  visit Reiki Healing Images, play on the meditational music and get healed.

It is ok, if you don’t know how to activate Reiki while meditating.

Take a Free Reiki Healing Image Session, as much you required, Distant Reiki Healing is sent to you for your Highest Interest.  Amen!

This is my proven technique on healing, I encourage you to take on this session, and let me know your findings and your experience in the comment section below.






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