Life of Abundance Printable Journal – A Free Gift From Reiki Amazes

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YAY! Your Free Printable Life of Abundance Journal!

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Thanks for being with Reiki Amazes and supporting it wholeheartedly.

As a Thank You note here is a small gift from me.

Life of Abundance Printable Journal

Life of Abundance-Reiki


It’s an 8-page journal, but if you want you can print additional pages:)

Abundance is a mindset and therefore this journal can really help you to take notice of even the smallest gesture of abundance from the Universe.

My life totally changed when I came across the Law of Attraction and Money Reiki.  Sometimes things happen simultaneously without us knowing it, of course for better:)

One book that changed my thinking and I still read or listen to it regularly. It’s The Power of Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy.


Click here to download the book.

I have included it in your free gift.  I personally request to read the book thoroughly and I am sure it will really help to better understand how our brains work.

Lastly, I would like you to have a look at Money Reiki Course(All 3 Levels).  I am sure you will learn many new things in this course.

Watch a brief introduction of Money Reiki.

Learn More about Money Reiki here.


What you will get in Money Reiki Combo

Money Reiki Combo is a package of all three levels of Money Reiki.  Yes, it’s in the PDF form and as provided by the author Stephanie Brail, in its original form.

To help my students understand the concept in more detail, I added extra study material like PDF for all symbols which you can print and practice.

Also, I provide many articles on Money Reiki written by me which includes different techniques on meditation and the difference between major Money Reiki Symbols.

  • You will receive attunements for all 7 symbols in video format.
  • You will also receive many Money Reiki Healing Empowerment for free you want.
  • You will get email support during the course and even after you complete the course for life:)
  • You will get a Completion of Money Reiki Certificate.
  • You will also get a chance to write for Reiki Amazes for which otherwise I charge $20 per article submission.  This is to help you to hone your skill as a writer and establish yourself as an authority in the field.
  • You will also get a Special Bonus from Reiki Amazes, where I offer my students to start their own Reiki or any other website.
  • It includes a free website + Hosting + Basic Training (includes 120 lessons) + my personal guidance to set up your business.

Thanks Once Again,

Here are your Free Gifts,

I hope you will find it useful:)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:)

Bye for now,

See you soon.

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