Raise the Vibrational Frequency of YourSelf

raise your frequency by charging food with reiki

Everything in this nature is energy, and everything has its own vibration or frequency.  As per the law of attraction, you attract the same thing as per your frequency. So let’s learn how to raise the Vibrational Frequency of YourSelf  So it is important to raise our frequency by applying and practicing different things in our … Read more Raise the Vibrational Frequency of YourSelf

Positive Affirmations For Gratitude

positive affirmations for gratitude

Positive Affirmations or Power Thoughts are the easiest way to manifest your heart’s desire in reality.  Affirmations are nothing but our thoughts or beliefs deep-rooted in our minds.   When you have a strong opinion or feeling that you follow religiously, it starts penetrating in your subconscious mind.  Once a thought penetrates into your subconscious mind, … Read more Positive Affirmations For Gratitude