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                                                       Shubhangi-.jpg   Hi,  I am Shubhangi,Shubhangi-1-1-1.jpg.

Reiki introduced itself  to me back in 2003,  you are right , Reiki discovers you and not vice-versa.

Now when I look back,  found myself a totally different person. Reiki works on me really hard, and today I take this opportunity to say a few words to you .

Reiki is pure energy, each and everything is made up of pure energy. So when there is any imbalance, at any level, physical, mental or on  any level of aura, there is nothing better than Reiki .

Reiki cannot be described in medical terminology, but can be proved with the latest technology.

When I introduced to Reiki, I had no idea how  Reiki is going to evolve me as a much better person at different stages of life,, though the path was and is not easy, I take a sigh of relief as Reiki is always with me.

Today I give my introduction as a Reiki Master, just to let you know that I have completed all the three levels of training, all the attunements, all the years of hard practice on myself and others. It’s my personal opinion that one cannot master Reiki.  Each and every day we teach something new, we learn something new, it’s a process of evolution, it’s a process how you relate Reiki to yourself, your situations, your atmosphere, and your near and dear ones.

I like to call myself  a mere Reiki Channel, and I am so grateful to the Almighty, that I am given the opportunity to channel the Reiki where it is needed.

I have worked as a yog Teacher, Vaastu expert, Tarot card Reader, as an astrologer and I love Crystal therapy, and surprisingly found that all therapies teach you about the five elements in this Universe, and how to connect with these elements through different techniques.  I found that somewhere everything is related, to basics of our energy, how to clean our energy and our system (Human Existence on all levels), and I found Yog Sadhana and Reiki as the most effective.

Both Yog and Reiki have scientific shreds of evidence to prove their importance in medicine.

So it’s my  little effort to share my experiences with this great Energy Healing module.

Thanks a lot.







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