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Many of you requested me to send a Reiki , so here is the easy way to !                                                                                              

Just fill in the details, and you will be listed to receive a free distant healing !

Every Tuesday, I will send distant Reiki who are enlisted.

Why Tuesday ?  You might be thinking that no ?

Astrologically, you should pay your debt on Tuesday, so that you will be free from debt as soon as possible (Tip !)

We all  are indebted  the moment we born on the Earth.

This is my little effort to give my services to  all of you, for free.

You can receive free Reiki healing every day by visiting this page.

But this “Request a Reiki” will be added to my weekly list of the members.

Once you are enlisted, you will remain on my list until you request to delete your name from the list.

P.s. Please send your latest photo, if possible.


Love, Light, and Reiki.

Sharing is caring!