What is Harth – A Karuna Reiki Symbol

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Harth – a Karuna Reiki healing symbol – channeled by Kathleen Milner and Maroy Miller. The Hearth is known as the symbol of unconditional love.  The harth can be used to create a balance, love, truth, harmony and beauty. The harth is mainly characterized for the healing with issues of heart – both

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Happy Birthday Mikao Usui

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  Mikao Usui (15/8/1865-9/3/1925), re-discovered the great healing energy, known as Reiki.  It’s because of Sesai Usui, the world comes to know of this healing energy inhabited in all of us. Thank you,  and wish you a very Happy Birthday Mikao Usui !! Mikao Usui born in the village of Yago, a

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Zonar – 2

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In my last post, we discuss some of the features of zonar.  I got a very positive response from this post, encouraging me to write some more about it. Zonar and Angelic Numbers Karuna Reiki helps you to connect with the higher frequency elements like Angels, fairies, your higher self and so

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Zonar – karuna Reiki Symbol

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ZONAR – A GREAT KARUNA REIKI SYMBOL Karuna Reiki symbols have a great degree of intensity and mysticism in it, as in all Reiki symbols.  Symbols itself is a subject of the occult and deep meanings, which are  difficult to define. Symbols are subject of meditation, and through the meditation, we can reveal

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The Karuna Reiki Healing

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The Karuna Reiki Healing is an advanced version of Reiki, as you need to be a Reiki Master to learn The Karuna Reiki Healing.  A Reiki Master can easily absorb the new vibrational frequencies of the Karuna Reiki. Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and zen, which

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