Pamper Your Pet Dog With the Reiki Healing Therapy

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Reiki is a Spiritual healing energy which pampers your pets and does wonder to your dog’s health and well being.  Reiki balance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects and can help with issues such as anxiety, fear, stress and many behavioural issues. Dogs can suffer from many of the same ailments

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How to Apply Reiki to Improve Sleep Patterns

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In today’s article, we will look at how Reiki can be used to improve your sleep habits. People lose sleep for a wide variety of reasons and Reiki is a great help to them all. The coming of age is another reason some people have a harder time getting to sleep.

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Are Reiki Symbols Sacred or Secret?

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Reiki – hands-on healing technique – is the easiest and safest healing method. Reiki is easy to learn and apply, once you are attuned to Reiki, you can heal anything from plants to planets. Reiki has different levels, and with every level, you learn more advanced techniques of healing. After level

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History of Reiki Healing

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This is the originally sacred hymns from Atharva Veda – describing the natural healing abilities present in all human beings – then it is known as Hasta Sparsh  Rog Nivarana Vidya – which can be translated as – 6 Felicitous is this my hand, yet more felicitous is this.  This hand

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